Oil Furnace Repair in Hyde Park

Why maintain your oil furnace?

The maintenance of an oil furnace is essential. Discover its price as well as the interest of a maintenance contract and mandatory control.

Why maintain your oil furnace?

The maintenance of an oil furnace is essential for several reasons. Not only does it guarantee the proper functioning of the device, but also your safety.

Concretely, this intervention makes it possible to realize up to 12% of energy saving since the technician eliminates the possible deposit having formed in the boiler and decreasing its yield. In addition, which saves the drop in fuel oil consumption, also has more drop in the bill. Therefore, having your boiler serviced is beneficial to your portfolio.

In terms of the environment, keeping the burners clean is also beneficial. The device emits less harmful gases , such as carbon monoxide (CO) and CO 2 , which allows at the same time to preserve your health. Not to mention the risk of failure, greatly reduced through the control of elements that may cause technical problems. What will increase your chances of a warm winter, away from any inconvenience.

What is the best time to maintain your oil furnace?

It is advisable to have your oil furnace serviced in the spring or summer. In this way, your heating system is ready for the fall, during which time it is usually restarted. In addition, the heating engineers are more solicited at this time as well as in winter because of the many urgent repairs to be made. So be proactive!

What is the difference between maintenance, control and diagnosis?

Generally, we talk about mandatory maintenance. However, this is an abuse of language because, in reality, it is the control that must absolutely be done at the imposed frequency and not the maintenance . Be careful, this does not mean that maintenance is useless. On the contrary, it is even recommended by manufacturers to avoid breakdowns and ensure a long life of the oil furnace. Moreover, in practice, control and maintenance usually take place at the same time. Indeed, if the technician detects during the control any anomaly, it will take care of your oil furnace and take care of the repair, the cleaning, the adjustment and the sweeping.

As for the heating audit, it must be done for any boiler older than 15 years. As a reminder, this diagnosis makes it possible to check the energy performance of the installation and to know how to improve its efficiency in order to reduce its energy consumption.

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